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06 Apr

One thing that I believe I've taken for granted are all the different things that I've got to experience because of the DJ business. I get so focused on what I do that I forget to stop and smell the roses. As I'm sitting here thinking back on some of my favorite events, I'm also thinking about where they've happened. I picture in my mind playing under the lights of an outdoor pavillion down in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. I picture the setting sun and the Ohio River at my back playing in Silver Grove. I feel the glow of the lights of New York City on my back playing at a company Christmas party. I vividly remember the excitement of fall in the air playing on a farm in Gallatin County!! One day, when I'm no longer able to do this I'll look back on these days with fond memories. It's not just about the music. It's the smile on people's faces as they dance without a care in the world for just a little while. It's the glow of the sunset coming through a window. It's the feel of the mountain air coming into my lungs and refreshing my soul (Thank you Andy Sigmon!). It's having my daughter with me and getting excited about my taking her to McDonalds when the show is over. This is why after 20 years I still find excitement in every event. Every event is made up of new places, new faces, and new memories that time never erases!

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