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04 Mar

There are many who have this view that a DJ is someone who shows up with big speakers and plays music. I've come to learn in my time doing this that we're much more than that. We're experience creators! Every event that I DJ begins as a blank slate. You can essentially think of a reception hall the morning of a wedding as a blank canvas. Little by little small things are added. Maybe its lights, centerpieces, tablecoths. 

As the hours pass people begin to show up! It concludes with a room full of people, food, lights, and music! This is where the work begins. I tell the brides that I consult with that your reception will take on a life of its own. We all have a vision in our minds of what the reception will be like but it will never go down exactly like you picture it. Why? Because every crowd is different and the people you invite to your reception are the X factor in whether or not a good time will be had. If we stick with the art analogy, your guests are the paint!! Your DJ is an artist! You can call me the Bob Ross of the DJ business! 

I try to get a read on the crowd during dinner. I'm usually able to gauge if it's going to be a party crowd, a crowd that only dances to line dances, or a crowd that would rather sit and just chill. If that is the case hey......we can always karaoke! 

I absolutely love this idea of creating experiences. I've had the honor of doing this time and again over the years and it never gets old! Why? Because event with a new crowd is like the first day on the job all over again. 

"I gotta blank space baby....and I'll write your name" - Taylor Swift

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